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How do I guarantee a presentation appointment with every prospect that I call?

I just got off the phone with one of my new enrollees, Dan.  He is still in training mode, but his learning curve is incredible.  The one question he had was how to call a prospect to setup a presentation appointment without sounding like a solicitor.  It’s a valid question because most people who call me pitching something too good to be true usually hear a quick “Click!” followed by the dreaded dial tone.  

Here are some tips to setting appointments without sounding like a used car salesman:

1.  Ask a lot of questions.  Great sales people listen more than they speak. Then use that information to deliver an appropriate message.   

2.  Keep the phone call short, it should be less than 5 minutes.  

3.  Keep the goal in mind.  Your goal is to set an appointment, nothing else.

4.  Don’t get tricked into giving away details of your opportunity over the phone.  If they ask for details simply respond, “Honestly, this opportunity is very robust and I can’t do it justice with a quick explanation over the phone.  How about we meet tomorrow for lunch and I can give you all the details?”

5.  Stroke their ego.    Make sure you let your prospect know that you are calling them because you think they would be absolutely great at this business and site specific examples as to why you think they are so well suited to your opportunity.  

6.  Make your offer exclusive.  Remember that you offering the right person the chance to have financial freedom, time, and balance. Never take that lightly.  Make sure your prospect knows that you and your business are serious.

7.  Close naturally.  Question based closes work well here. Examples: How about we setup a time for tomorrow to go over this opportunity? Why don’t we sit down this weekend over lunch and discuss this opportunity in detail?

I hope this helps Dan!

Yours in success,


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Can taking my network marketing business online be my next breakthrough? And is it for me?

You may be finding more and more influential network marketers emphasizing the need to bring your business online.  Heck, I’m one of them.  And yes, the rewards of doing it well are far beyond your greatest expectations.  I’m talking 5-6 figures a month, literally.  The key is to analyze your business, your skill set, and your ability to learn something new before deciding to take the online plunge.  Just like traditional network marketers, only the very best will succeed growing a sustainable online business.  So make sure you do your homework!  The fortunate fact that so few network marketers are doing it well today, however, allows for easier penetration into competitive landscape.    

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself beforetaking your network marketing business online:

1.  Have I been following the advice of my organization and upline religiously without adequate results?

2.  Am I uncomfortable reaching out to my warm market (friends, family, colleagues, etc.)?

3.  Do I lack traditional sales and prospecting skills?

4.  Am I unmotivated to do the traditional tasks required to build a successful networking business?

5.  How much experience do I have with utilizing the internet to grow a business?

a.  I only know how to check email

b.  I surf the internet from time to time to shop and research

c.  I am a social networking junkie and constantly on Facebook and Twitter

d.  I am a guru of creating sales landing pages, ppc ads, and generating traffic

Think hard and deep on the questions above.  Chances are you can use the Internet to grow your business to some level regardless of your online experience.  However, to do it well you should definitely fall into the b, c, and d answer categories for question 5 or at least be willing to learn.  

Write me with your some of your thoughts to the questions above and stay tuned for the right way to bring your business online.

Yours in Success,


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Should I continue to build my network marketing business the traditional way?

I often hear the question, “Should I continue building my business the traditional way?”  It’s a valid question given that the majority of successful network marketers built their businesses by utilizing their warm and cold markets.  Should you listen to your uplines and grow your business the same way?  That depends on you. 

You have probably never been told this by your enroller, but to be successful utilizing traditional strategies you need to possess the following attributes:

1. Excellent Sales Skills.  Yes, Sales Skills.

2. Being comfortable bringing friends and family into your business

3. Scouring the ends of the earth to find new leads when your warm market hits a wall

4. Putting in a lot of time

5. Constant followup with your organization

6.  Strong leadership

If you can honestly say that you are comfortable with all the attributes  and requirements above, go ahead and build your business the traditional way.  Chances are you will fall into the successful group of network marketers after a few years of hard work.  Unfortunately the traditional method of growing a network marketing business has pretty horrendous success rates.  Approximately 3% of network marketers achieve a sustainable income from their businesses using the traditional method.  Yikes!  

Not to fear fellow networkers.  Todays’ successful network marketers do not limit themselves to only using the traditional approach.  It’s still important to use traditional methods, but it’s equally important to utilize new ways of growing your business.  Stay tuned for my next post.

Yours in success,


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Welcome to my blog.

Welcome fellow network marketers!  My name is Manoj Mohan.  I have been working in network marketing and various other entrepreneurial ventures for the majority of my professional life. The purpose of this blog is to identify the challenges we all face as network marketers and provide experience based solutions.  So please, be active and leave comments on this blog.  This will allow me to post topics of interest to you all.   Thanks for reading!

Yours in success,